About Timber Ridge School

FAQs from Parents

Q: How can your program help reintegrate my son into our community?
A: Reintegration to the community begins early in the treatment process with involvement of the child, parent(s), and placing agency. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend reintegration-focused activities, including parent support groups in their locality, parent days on our campus, and family counseling. Home visits, we believe, are the most important element in promoting successful reintegration. We help parents establish fair, age-appropriate rules and expectations, then learn how to hold their children accountable. Following each visit, we — staff, child, and parent — assess how well the objectives for each boy were met during that visit. Successful reintegration can only occur through an active partnership with the family.

Q: Is Timber Ridge School the right place for all at-risk boys?
A: No. Boys with extreme intellectual disabilities, particular psychiatric conditions, guarded prognosis, and safety concerns are not a good fit for our programs.

Q: Do you offer family-driven programs that build on the strengths of child and family?
A: Yes. Our programs are designed for family reunification. During the treatment process, we identify and enhance the strengths of the child and family. Depending on the child's needs at the time of discharge, in-community supports remain a focal point to allow for continuity of care after discharge and promote ongoing individual and family progress.

Q: Who pays for my child’s placement at Timber Ridge School?
A: Funding for placement is nearly always provided either by a state agency entirely or by a combination of local and state matching funds, as is the case in Virginia. Parental placement, where the parent is entirely responsible for paying all costs, is also possible. However, placement costs are high, so we suggest careful consideration of this option. Parental referrals require contact with their local CSA (Comprehensive Services Act) Coordinator to determine eligibility for funding out of home placement. We do not do third party billing. If you want to attempt to pay privately with insurance assistance, you would contact our Chief Financial Officer at 540-888-3456 ext.1256.

Q: Can I request placement for my child at Timber Ridge School?
A: Depending on the circumstance, parents may request a specific residential treatment center for their son through social services, educational placement, and perhaps through juvenile services. At times, this may be difficult to navigate. We are willing to assist.

FAQs from Social Workers

FAQs from Probation Officers

Q: How does Timber Ridge School keep me updated about my son?
A: We encourage regular communication. Following admission, your son will be permitted to call you every week; you may also speak with a staff member at that time. Every other week, your son’s Case Manager will contact you by phone or email. Every month, we will produce a formal written progress report that we send you. In addition, you are encouraged to contact us at any time if you would like to learn how things are going with your son's placement.

Q: Will my child receive the same level and type of instruction that he would get in our local school?
A: Timber Ridge School provides a state-accredited academic program. Our accreditation permits us to issue high school credits and a diploma. Students may choose to have their diploma issued by their home-based high school. Academic instruction is specific to the needs of the child and geared toward having the student (a) reach his age-appropriate grade level or (b) achieve his highest possible academic potential. We maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:10 and most classrooms also have an aide to assist with instruction.

Q: How long will my child be at Timber Ridge School?
A: Length of stay is generally determined by three major issues: (1) the duration, magnitude, and intensity of the presenting problems; and (2) success in meeting established goals leading to discharge, as well as (3) the student’s motivation, family commitment, and involvement in his treatment plan.

Q: How do I get an application or more information about Timber Ridge School?
A: You will find our application packet with several releases that must be competed to initiate a referral on our Admission website pages. Here, you will also find extensive information about our services. There is no application fee.