TImber Ridge School Admissions

Admission Process

Once an application referral packet is received, the Director of Admissions will promptly review the documentation submitted to determine if the student is appropriate for our program. If the student is appropriate, a Preplacement Assessment will be arranged.

It is preferred that the Preplacement Assessment for the student is completed on our campus with the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian. The student and his parent(s)/guardian will be interviewed and then led on a campus tour by an Admissions director or other staff and students. When required, the Preplacement Assessment can be scheduled at the student’s current placement.

Based on the referral material and the Preplacement Assessment, an admission committee renders a formal decision. If the decision is favorable, the Director of Admissions will make all necessary arrangements with the referring party for the enrollment date.

The admission procedures can be completed in two weeks, if all the admission requirements and funding approval for placement can be accomplished in that time frame. However, consideration for expediting a timelier placement requires thorough completion of all required documentation (CON, CANS, Psychiatric Discharge Summaries, completed application forms, medical records, academic records, etc.) specific to licensing requirements.

During the admissions process, we review all referral materials before developing an initial Individual Service Plan (ISP) or Initial Plan of Care (IPOC), which is based on our assessment of the student’s current level of functioning and specific treatment needs. We then share this information with everyone who attends the personal interview, which typically includes the parent/guardian, a representative of the referring agency, and the student.

After gathering input during this interview, our Clinical Staff synthesizes all available information to develop a draft ISP or IPOC. Upon acceptance, we provide a written Placement Agreement that outlines our responsibilities and the parents’/guardians’ responsibilities. Finally, on the day of admission, all members of the student’s team review and sign the initial ISP or IPOC. Then within 30 days of acclimation to the program after which there has been time to gather additional information through direct observation, a revised ISP or Comprehensive Individual Plan of Care (CIPOC) is generated that then directs care and tracks progress. We send regular progress reports, at a minimum monthly, to parents/guardians and the referring agency.

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The staff at Timber Ridge go out of their way to assist my client and our office. I feel that I receive a true assessment of my youth’s progress.
— Fairfax DFS


If you have any questions, please contact Admissions:

Adam Collis, M.S., Director of Admissions, at 540-888-9524, 877-877-3008 or collis@trschool.org

Vic Williams Assistant Director of Admissions, at 540-888-9532, 877-877-3010 or williams@trschool.org