TImber Ridge School Admissions

Goals for Success

We take a broad view of each student entering Timber Ridge School, combining emphases on academic work, physical health, emotional health, social relationships, and vocational options to nurture him toward a successful future.

Because we recognize that maintaining and strengthening each student's relationship with his family is especially important, we provide counseling to parents, offer parent support groups, and encourage family visits. In fact, we organize several celebratory gatherings each year to help foster the bond between parent and child.

The responsibility of caring for each child is something we take very seriously. Together, we work toward helping all of our students become productive members of their communities.

The staff at Timber Ridge go out of their way to assist my client and our office. I feel that I receive a true assessment of my youth’s progress.
— Fairfax DFS


If you have any questions, please contact Admissions:

Adam Collis, M.S., Director of Admissions, at 540-888-9524, 877-877-3008 or collis@trschool.org

Vic Williams Assistant Director of Admissions, at 540-888-9532, 877-877-3010 or williams@trschool.org