TImber Ridge School Admissions

Student Profile

Admission is open to male students between the ages of 10 and 18 and in grades 6 to post-secondary. Students may remain in the program until they turn 22. We accept young men based on the completion of a pre-placement assessment interview that determines our facility to be the “least restrictive setting” for the youth and family and the student’s ability to fully access our clinical, academic, and residential treatment program options.

Students admitted to Timber Ridge School are actively displaying various levels of emotional distress, attachment and trauma related behavior, social maladjustment, or non-compliant behavioral disorders. Specifically, they have exhibited inappropriate behavior across home and community settings, poor attention spans, hyper vigilance, legal issues, substance abuse, authority conflicts, disrupted peer and/or family relationships, and inadequate emotional self-regulation levels.

In addition, past school performance is often marked by patterns of truancy, emotional instability, inattentiveness, failing grades, intellectually disability, and difficulty maintaining academic progress in the mainstream and/or alternative day programming. Consequently, these behaviors ultimately prevent a student from reaching their potential academic achievement.

We do not accept youth with identified handicaps that the school is not approved to serve by the Virginia Department of Education(e.g. Autism spectrum). Acceptance is not limited on the basis of race, origin, or religion.

The staff at Timber Ridge go out of their way to assist my client and our office. I feel that I receive a true assessment of my youth’s progress.
— Fairfax DFS

The following traits are uncommon in our students, but are not necessarily the basis for exclusion: a confirmed history of arson or extreme aggression (e.g., using weapons), suicide ideation and actions, runaway behavior, chemical drug dependency, and emotional disturbances so severe that heavy medication is essential to control behavior. Our admission exclusionary criteria includes IQ under 70, DSM-5 diagnosis on the Autism spectrum, significant medical conditions (e.g. Type II Diabetes) and psychotic features or active psychosis in which suicidal ideation and threats have resulted in repetitive need for hospitalization services (within last 60-90 days) to include active cutting.


If you have any questions, please contact Admissions:

Adam Collis, M.S., Director of Admissions, at 540-888-9524, 877-877-3008 or collis@trschool.org

Vic Williams Assistant Director of Admissions, at 540-888-9532, 877-877-3010 or williams@trschool.org