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Our 2017 Ornament

Timber Ridge School is pleased to present our 2017 Collectible Ornament entitled:

So Close to the Enemy
Fredericksburg Campaign
December 12, 1862

It was a daring reconnaissance — and an immeasurable risk. On December 12, 1862, as the massive Northern Army of the Potomac under General Ambrose E. Burnside prepared to assault the Southern lines at Fredericksburg, General Robert E. Lee concluded that he needed additional reconnaissance of the enemy — and decided to do it himself. As a young officer in the Mexican War, Lee had distinguished himself with a foray behind enemy lines, and he apparently had no qualms about reconnoitering close to the Union position this time. Accompanied by his “right arm” — General Stonewall Jackson — and Major Johann Heros von Borcke, Lee moved cautiously through the snow toward Northern lines.

Closer and closer, the high-ranking observers moved — until they were within approximately four-hundred yards of the Federal advance line. The battle that followed was one of the bloodiest of the war — and one of the greatest disasters to befall the Union army. So one-sided were the Northern losses, that Lee — watching wave after wave of courageous Federal troops crushed and repelled — remarked to those around him: “It is good that war is so terrible, else we should grow too fond of it.”

~ Mort Künstler

Mr. Künstler has been a very generous supporter of Timber Ridge School since 1996 and we can’t thank him enough for his partnership and dedication to the students and families we serve.

Because we are committed to giving back, we are proud to contribute to Timber Ridge School. We value the relationship we have with them and the work their staff does for kids in the community.
— Jim and Kim Stutzman, Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac
Mort Künstler Ornament

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All proceeds from the sale of ornaments are earmarked for the improvement of student programs and facilities.

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