Life at TImber Ridge School


All students enrolled at Timber Ridge School get individual, group, and family counseling from our experienced staff of licensed clinical counselors.

Individual counseling is problem oriented, with sessions typically scheduled weekly. In crisis situations, the frequency can be accelerated or intensified.

Students are also placed into group counseling sessions with others who have similar needs, with emphases in areas such as substance abuse, anger management, physical abuse, and transition back to the community. They may participate in more than one group. Clinical counselors currently incorporate trauma-informed practices into treatment and therapy.

Family counseling is available to parents and family members; sessions can be held with or without the student present. Although we prefer face-to-face sessions, family counseling can be held via phone and videoconference when distance and circumstances require it. When a student is preparing to return home, family meetings are especially important. We also offer support after the student has returned home to ensure that family connections are secure.

I encourage students to take advantage of everything Timber Ridge School has to offer. I went to school, played sports, and participated in other extra-curricular activities. It was the first step in making a good life for myself.
— Former Student