Life at TImber Ridge School

Residential Life

Timber Ridge School provides a therapeutic setting that delivers complete treatment for young men. In addition to educational and vocational services, we take into account the physical, emotional, and social health of every student.

One important component of this holistic approach involves living in a dormitory and experiencing campus life. Students learn social skills, personal hygiene, and cleanliness of their surroundings. To encourage responsible behavior, all students are assigned chores, which includes the completion of their own laundry. They might also have jobs on or off campus. Through sports and other recreational group activities, our students learn how to have fun in positive ways, as well as how to read and study on their own.

I encourage students to take advantage of everything Timber Ridge School has to offer. I went to school, played sports, and participated in other extra-curricular activities. It was the first step in making a good life for myself.
— Former Student

For older students transitioning into adulthood and preparing for life in college, the armed forces, or a community setting, we offer opportunities to experience living more independently in apartment-type housing on campus. With staff support and a curriculum called "Skillstreaming the Adolescent," they learn to move successfully toward independence.