Life at TImber Ridge School

Responsibility Training & Community Service

At Timber Ridge School, we teach the Responsibility Training Curriculum developed by Dr. William Glasser, concentrating on behavior and behavior choices. We emphasize understanding how and why we make certain choices, as well as strategies for making good ones.

Our students have learned ways to incorporate positive behavior changes into their lives through our Student Government. This forum gives students the opportunity to discuss issues, represent different viewpoints, make decisions for the benefit of others, and strengthen their leadership skills. Elected by students, our Student Council provides guidance in many areas of life at Timber Ridge School. We believe that nothing demonstrates change in a student's character more than his ability and willingness to help his peers.

Community service is another integral part of our program and all students are required to participate. Through service, students experience not only the responsibility of giving to others, but the joy that giving brings.

I encourage students to take advantage of everything Timber Ridge School has to offer. I went to school, played sports, and participated in other extra-curricular activities. It was the first step in making a good life for myself.
— Former Student

Our community service projects have included visiting senior citizens in nursing care, cleaning the playground of a day care center, washing cars for the Sheriff's Department, caring for an abandoned cemetery, installing an irrigation system, going fishing with disabled adults, assisting in local animal shelters, and growing vegetables to donate to the Salvation Army. These projects provide critical lessons in character development. Our consistent experience proves that our students have gained immeasurably from these activities.

“It felt really good helping make a nicer playground for the day care center kids. And the United Way guys were great to work with.” — Student