Programs at TImber Ridge School

Academic Services

Many of our students have experienced repeated school failure because of behavior problems, learning disabilities, truancy, and/or lack of motivation. As a result, school has not been a successful place for them. Our goal is to provide an individualized and supportive environment in which we teach respect for – and joy of – learning. Here, when students discover that they can achieve, they change their attitudes about school.

“I really didn't believe I could do anything. Timber Ridge School helped me believe in myself.” — Student

Every new Timber Ridge School student starts in an orientation class where he works closely with our educational diagnostician. We learn about the student's learning styles and he learns about our expectations of him, before he moves to regular classes.

Our Middle School classes, grades 6 – 8, are limited to16 students with two teachers who teach traditional middle school curriculum. Our accredited High School provides traditional and advanced academic classes, as well as the following:

Timber Ridge School does an outstanding job with their wide range of services. When I place a student there, I never have concerns about the quality of counseling or educational services.
— CASA Worker

Along with their families, High School students decide whether to enroll in general academic classes, college preparatory courses, or some combination of the two. These decisions become part of each student's Individualized Educational Plan.

School is in session 12 months a year, with summer courses available to make up any prior year’s deficiencies.

Our library, computer lab, gymnasium, weight-lifting area, and outdoor sports fields support a well-rounded educational program.

As necessary, we offer such additional services as speech and language therapy, medication review, and one-on-one academic tutoring.

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