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Timber Ridge School transforms the lives of emotionally disturbed and behaviorally disordered adolescent boys between the ages of 10 and 21 and in grades 6 to post-secondary, with a goal of reuniting them successfully with their families and communities.

Our proven programs focus on the whole student, emphasizing physical and emotional health, educational achievement, vocational training, independence, and social interaction to help every child achieve his greatest potential.

With over 50 years of dedication and passion, we provide an expertise in the field that is unrivalled, thanks to our highly educated, highly experienced staff.

And the results attest to our success, even with the toughest boys.

Some of the ways we are different:

When social service agencies and probation officers refer a student to us, we work with them, in partnership with the child and his parents, to determine how best to meet his needs.

Our programs are structured to transition the boys back to their families as soon as they can do so successfully, by teaching them critical life skills.

Some of our highlighted services include:

** Virginia Medicaid reimbursable service

The young men who come to Timber Ridge School are often removed from a chaotic family system. However, children love and value their parents. Therefore, we remain family-driven. A treatment climate of shared responsibility, open communication, strength focus, and equal partnership facilitates healing and growth. This duality of approach — where we treat the student, while helping improve family dynamics and parental effectiveness — leads to positive change.

We bring the child into the continuum of care exactly where he needs help, rather than waiting until he fails. Our focus is on creating permanent family connections by providing timely, effective services. To us, residential treatment is an intervention, not a destination.
— Dr. John Lamanna