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Academic Day School

The Academic Day School provides a highly structured academic setting providing Middle and High School instruction through an accredited curriculum. Academic Day School allows the student to experience academic progress in a success-oriented environment, with a focus on individualized discharge transitional goals. Students suitable for this program have demonstrated a continued need for behavior support, clinical counseling, and individualized instruction. They may have an intellectual disability, emotional disability, learning disability, or speech/language impairment. 

Since these students are only on campus during school hours, this service is specific to geographical areas suitable for reasonable transportation arrangements. The Academic Day School program is available year-round, including summer months.

Individualized instruction:  

  • Low staff to student ratios
  • General academics
  • Special education
  • Individualized Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP)
  • Transitional and employment readiness

Services include:

  • Behavior support
  • Case management
  • Treatment team planning
  • Academic skill development
  • Career and technical assessment and career planning
  • Career and technical coursework
  • Individual, group, and family therapy [as approved through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)]