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Substance Abuse Services

Our Substance Abuse Services are accredited and provides ASAM Level of Care 3.5 according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine and The ASAM Criteria. This program operates within the Virginia Medicaid standards outlined in Addiction and Recovery Treatment Services (ARTS). ASAM Level 3.5 is appropriate for those adolescents whose addiction is currently so out of control that they need a 24-hour supportive treatment environment to initiate or continue a recovery process that has failed to progress. Our program teaches new skills required for a successful transition from active addiction to stable, recovery-positive lifestyle.

Treatment is based on the following:

  • American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) recommendations for level of care
  • Independent Assessment, Certification, and Coordination Team (IACCT) approval and recommendation

From the identified treatment goals, an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) is developed for each youth with specific objectives.

Services include:

  • Clinical services providing clinical monitoring, individual counseling and family counseling
  • Daily Substance Abuse group counseling sessions facilitated by Licensed Certified Addictions Counselor
  • Random, unannounced drug and alcohol screening
  • Family engagement to build healthy, supportive relationships and improve family function
  • Planned clinical activities and 12 Steps AA and NA groups
  • Motivational enhancement and engagement strategies
  • Planned community reinforcement designed to foster prosocial values and community living skills
  • Developmental-behavioral support program
  • Trauma-informed care recognizing triggers and fostering the youth’s awareness and skill in identifying, understanding, tolerating, and managing their internal experience
  • Transitional services for continued success post-discharge
  • Educational services in supportive, structured setting
  • Medication education and management
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Aftercare recommendations