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The mission of Timber Ridge School is to teach and empower our youth to be successful, safe, responsible citizens by building healthy relationships and providing therapeutic activities in a safe environment.

Leary Educational Foundation, doing business as Timber Ridge School, was established in the rural setting of Frederick County, Virginia and enrolled their first student in 1971. As a non-profit residential treatment facility, Timber Ridge School serves adolescent males, ages 10-21 (6th grade+) with behavioral and mental health needs with a focus on the future and the motto of SHAPES….

Timber Ridge School shapes young men's lives through safety, hope, advocacy, preparation, empowerment, and success.

Our goal is simple… help the young men in our care learn and practice skills that will help them to have better relationships with family and friends, and live and work successfully in their communities. The Timber Ridge School service delivery model is student-centered, strength-based, family-oriented, and trauma-focused. Services are personalized and implemented by teachers, residential staff, case managers, and clinical counselors. The staff are passionate about helping young men realize their potential and taking the steps to reach each student’s individualized goals.